I named her Chrissy because I’m like 85.3% sure she is a Christmas Cactus. This is a plant I got with my sister from another Mother on our Birthday last year in October. It almost bloomed at Christmas time (like it was supposed to), but didn’t. Boo hoo!

There were many beautiful pink buds, much like there are currently white ones. I was super excited for them to blossom, but they dried up and never produced flowers. I suspected it might have been due to it being under a grow light, as the dying buds looked slightly singed.

I then decided to move Chrissy to my master bathroom (south facing) window where she seemed to thrive with new leaves. No flowers, just leaves. To be honest, I wasn’t liking her very much.

Then March happened!

I noticed a new bud! And then MANY more soon after that!

Here is the first bloom. The flowers are white this time around, which I was happy but confused by. Apparently, it is not uncommon for the flowers to change colors each season of bloom.

I’ll take it, Chrissy! I wuv u (now)!