I originally thought this Hoya Kerrii was all green, but it looks to be a Hoya Kerrii Splash, with the tiny splashes of white on the leaves. I dig it!

I bought Kerrii on Amazon earlier in January and have been patiently waiting for her to produce more leaves. The large new heart shaped leaf came about in March and it’s looking like I’ll get two more very soon on the top!

I leave her near a south facing window and she seems to be doing great. She gave me a little scare when the new leaf was forming because I saw what looked like spider webs connecting the new leaf to the stem. I was horrified it might be a sign of spider mites. Thankfully, it was natural webbing of sorts that shows up as the new leaf emerges from the main stem. You can easily just wipe it off.

I can’t wait for more new heart shaped leaves! I’ll stake Kerrii soon so she grows nice, lush, and tall. Or maybe I will eventually make her a hanging plant. Who knows?

I’ll keep you updated!


I got the cute planter (and some more) from Bolt and Rally on Etsy. I highly recommend this shop! Let’s just say that I tried doing something like this myself at first, and it didn’t work out. 😉