💕💕💕 Meet Hearty 💕💕💕

She’s a variegated String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii) that I bought on Etsy four months ago. I purchased a 4″ starter and propagated a couple of times to make her a little more lush. I propagate her by cutting off some of her long trails and rooting them in water before replanting.

I absolutely play favorites with my plant babies, and she’s definitely one of them. I adore her pink coloring and how sturdy her little heart shaped leaves are. Tiny, yet mighty! 🥰

Hearty has tubers that store water, so I let her dry out in between waterings. She is technically a succulent native to southern Africa and doesn’t like too much water. Seriously, she’s so super chill and easy to grow … and so darn cute!

I usually leave Hearty on the hubby’s desk (home office) to show him some extra love … and to give Hearty that west facing window light she needs. Win Win. Heart Heart …. heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart … 💛