Written by BEAUTY


If I had to choose one beauty item to have with me while stranded on an island, it would be eyeliner. Hands down.

In a perfect scenario, you can line your eyes, fill in the waterline (to somewhat mimic fuller lashes), and draw in your brows (using a light hand). Maybe even fill in your lips for a dark lipstick look (meh). Maybe that’s too far, but you get the idea.

Below is a review of my top three fav liners.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer

I LOVE this liner for a more dramatic look. It has a thicker point, and the black is almost as shiny as a liquid liner. You can use the sharpener (located on the bottom of the pencil) to thin out the point, but it’s still fairly thick. Perfect for a smoky eye!

Marc Jacobs Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer

This liner has my favorite kind of packaging! It’s tiny and small. I almost wonder if I’m not getting enough liner for my buck, but I love it still!

This liner doesn’t retract like the other two, and doesn’t have a sharpener attached as it is already thin. It’s still super easy to build a thicker line with the smooth formula, so you can technically have the best of both worlds with it.

The only drawback to this liner is that it breaks off easily. I recommend using minimal pressure while lining with it.

Back to another plus! This one is “no makeup” makeup look friendly.

Chanel STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Noir Intense

This guy has been my go to for the better part of a decade now. It’s soft, easy to use, and very dependable for longevity. Just like Chanel, it’s a great classic.

The shade Noir Intense (my favorite) is still somewhat muted, especially compared to the Marc Jacobs liners. The shade Marine (also my favorite!) compliments my dark brown eyes to my loving. I’ve tried many of the colors, and I find these two shades are the best for my coloring.

Overall, I found that all of these three liners are long lasting and most importantly, do not leak into my contacts (rendering them useless). I love all three of them very much!

Maybe we’ll go to Fiji together soon. Just maybe. 😉