Written by BEAUTY


I used to skip hand creams all together because I associated them with greasiness … until I read that Beyonce used eye cream for her face. This got me thinking ….

And once I tried face cream on my hands, I was hooked. I sometimes even use serums in a pinch, but that’s probably a little overboard and definitely not cost effective.

Have you ever tried a face cream as hand cream? It’s pretty amazing. Face creams are thinner than hand creams and soak into the hands much faster with way less residue.

I recommend an oil free face cream such as Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer to make double sure you don’t leave any fingerprints around. This even comes in an SPF version.

If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to hand creams (is that even a thing?) another option I love is the Supergoop Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn SPF 40. It is also weightless and greaseless while providing protection from the sun.

Dry hands are nobody’s friend! I personally think that once you go Face, you’ll never go Hand. 😉