This past March I went with my hubby and parents to Israel and toured the Wailing Wall.

The tradition is to place a written prayer into the crevices of the Wall. There are even online services that will do this on your behalf. Many people of influence such as Pope Benedict XVI and Hillary Clinton have placed notes of prayer into the wall. Barack Obama did as well, but his got stolen and published.

I don’t personally believe there is a wrong way to communicate with God, whether it be via prayer with spoken words, silent petitions of the heart, written notes, etc. More importantly, writing a prayer down on paper and depositing it into the Wailing Wall doesn’t make a difference in the way God hears and answers it. He always gives us His undivided attention. We are always heard.

As I was getting closer to the wall empty handed, I was asked if I wanted a piece of paper and pen to jot down a prayer to insert. I politely declined the offer. I couldn’t help but question whether the people around me valued the Wailing Wall because they felt they would be heard better through notes stuck into the cracks of its historical significance.

These notes, according to custom, are destined to be buried. What happens then?

After taking a good look around, I left inspired with the truth that we are ALL in need of prayer and we ALL are going through things (good and bad) that we need God’s guidance on. The good news is, He hears you no matter how you pray.

*No walls necessary.