Piney is a neon pothos I picked up from my favorite local nursery. His leaves have a brightness that requires a little more light than the typical pothos. With insufficient light, he will eventually grow dark green leaves and lose the coloring that makes him special.

I leave Piney near a west facing window in my office so he gets pretty intense light for a decent portion of each day. I water him every few days, and I don’t even bother with houseplant fertilizer because he grows like a weed (but much prettier). I trim him often to keep the general shape I like, but I would like to share the wealth of his neony goodness.

I tried propagating him for a friend and successfully rooted the cutting in water. However, the rooted cutting withered within a couple of hours in soil. Huh? I’m still a little confused by it.

If you are a plant enthusiast and have an idea of what happened, please share. I’d love to share Piney clippings with my friends as he is growing at a rapid rate.

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