My parents and I were in Incheon last October and decided to go on a tour of their schools. We visited their elementary, middle, and high schools over the course of two days, and it was a special bonding moment I won’t ever forget.

The window my Dad is pointing at is the window that his high school peers were gazing out of when he made jabs at them. Why? He doesn’t know. What did he say? He doesn’t remember. What he remembers is that the high school boys promptly tried to run down the stairs to go teach him a lesson. Mind you, this was a combo school and he was just a middle schooler.

Thankfully, the bell rang right then for everyone to get back into class. He was safe for the duration of the class hour. He had to think fast …

So after class he ran up the stairs to that very room of high schoolers to apologize before they had a chance to pounce on him. It worked! They thought he was cute in a way. I was touched and thought I had learned a really good lesson on asking for forgiveness.

Then he followed up by telling me that he did this again, multiple times, running away from getting a beating each time. Eventually, those high schoolers just let him be. We had the biggest laugh. 😂

This trip to Korea with my parents was filled with so much culture, history, and love. I’ll cherish the memories forever.